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8 Delicious Local Drinks To Try in Thailand

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These are two types of transparent Scotch. The taste and smell reminds brew with a light aroma and sweet taste. In General, a good alcoholic dginks, but true whiskey and does not smell. Lao Khao — from 48 baht per 0. This is the cheapest alcohol rice whiskey. Tastes nasty and very painful in the morning, "swill. The most popular brand — Regency from baht for 0,35 l, is 6 and a half dollars. Exotic drinks Rarely in Thailand you can meet exotic infusions on different roots, herbs, insects and reptiles.

Usually it is the infusion of the xome varieties of the purchase of alcohol, and local is not used, but intended for sale to tourists. To drink such drinks tested soke, but in small quantities. When nadoplatu a bit, you could add in a bottle of whiskey or brandy. And it is already decide to try or not Total alcohol prices in Thailand: Wine from baht for 0. Rum from baht for 0. Whiskey from baht for 0. Brandy from baht in 0. Can I drink alcohol on the streets of Thailand To drink alcoholic beverages in Thailand on the street.

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Strict ban on use in public places, like Russia, not here. However, under Thai law it is forbidden to use in some places: Moreover, even of these limitations, there are many exceptions. So you can safely drink alcohol in any reasonable place in Thailand, and no one will harm you, and as a maximum to make a comment. This includes including beer and wine. All excess is removed.

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In practice this happens very rarely, and most tourists quietly pass through ho green customs corridor thhai examination, and are carrying a larger amount of alcohol. How much can you take alcohol from Thailand The customs rules do not set restrictions on the export of alcohol. But in Russia can bring no more than 3 liters of alcohol including beer or wine per person without paying duty. While there are many different fruit juices you can enjoy, pomegranate is one of our favorites. Pomegranates are also beneficial to your health, as they are a good source of vitamin C and are filled with both fiber and antioxidants.

Since then, officials in Thailand have started to crack down on those selling this popular drink.

Authentic orange juice, however, can be found all over Thailand and is one of the most popular drinks in the drinke, both by foreign and local standards. Orange juice ssome Thailand, like the food here, combines the two distinct flavors of both salty and sweet, making for an interesting combination. Usually, the Wnt sugarcane lies lifeless thzi to a vendor, having just gone through the powerful machines that make this drink. This drink is incredibly sweet, and it is difficult to ingest quickly because of its powerful flavor.

There are grass jelly desserts where chao kuai black jelly is mixed with both ice and water before being sprinkled with brown sugar. I'm feel 1 thirsty 2 A woman says: Tsjan roesuk 1 khoheng 2 - Tsjan khoheng A man says: Phom roesuk 1 khoheng 2 - Phom khoheng Are feel 1 you thirsty 2? Khoen roesuk 1 khoheng 1 maaj? Yes - No Do you want 1 to drink 2 something 3? Raw paaj deum araaj maaj? Yes - No We go to a bar Raw paaj tie bar Do we go to a bar? Raw paaj tie bar maaj?

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