How to install a relay switch

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Wiring Tips: Using Relays

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If you do not install a relay and use a switch, you could end up overheating the switch, melting the wires, and reducing the current that is getting to your lights, making them less bright. The left side is insgall pin out of rely point is sticking out from at the bottom and the the right side is showing a schematic representation of the relay circuitry. By default this switch is open, so the current cannot get from the battery to your lights. Without this current, no magnetic force is created, so the 30 to 87 switch stays open, and your lights stay off.

This type of relay allows you to wire two systems such as a pair of lights to activate at the same time. Here is a circuit diagram of a SPDT relay with a shorting diode. The diode prevents the voltage spike of relay deactivation from harming computers and other sensitive electronics. Electric Fan Wiring Diagram: When wiring an electric fan, make sure the positive ignition lead is one that turns off when the starter is engaged. You can use a thermostat housing that allows the thermo switch to be mounted after the thermostat. Fuel injection relays - provide power to the electrically activated fuel injectors in a petrol engine for varying amounts of time based on signals from the vehicle Engine Control Unit ECU.

These more complex relays can have up to 9 pins of various sizes.

This increase in the number of terminals inatall the standard 4 or 5 in more simple relays is often necessary because additional connections can be required for the in-built electronics e. The connector to the right was overloaded and fused two adjacent terminals together, causing a short the blew the vehicles main fuse. Before the fuse blew the connector actually started to burn. The wire that carried the extra load also had melted its insulation and in places was exposed. Luckily for the owner of this vehicle, it did not result in a fire but in many cases it does. A better idea….

Install relay a to switch How

Unstall accessories that pull a lot of power it is always better to get your power directly from the batteries positive terminal rather than tapping into the existing fuse block or wiring harness. In most cases the vehicles existing fuse blocks, wires and connectors are not rated to handle the additional load of high powered accessories such as offroad lights and amplifiers. The relay contacts open to their normal state and stop the current flow to light. There you have it. A relay circuit. Now these diagrams are known as relay logic or ladder diagrams.

isntall Often it is a problem in whatever is switching the control side on and off. W example, on a horn, the problem is ewitch in the spring-loaded plunger behind the steering wheel that touches the ring contact that grounds terminal On the z current load sidetest that 12V is present on socket terminal 30, and that there is continuity between 87 and the device. Note that, on some old cars, 30 and 87 may be switched—that current flows in 87 and out 30 instead of the way it reads in the DIN table. Current can flow in and out either side of the switch. Jumpering Across the Relay If the circuit passes the high current load side tests, you should be able to simply jumper across terminals 30 and 87 to fire up the device.

Before you do this, remember that this is the high current side of the relay, and a lot of current may begin flowing through your jumper wire as soon as you make contact, creating a burn hazard. It is best to de-energize terminal 30 first by shutting off the ignition, but on some cars, 30 may still be hot even with the ignition off.

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