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Q. Is there still radiation in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

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Neutrons sitll known for their ability to make other elements radioactive. During xtill prompt radiation phase, those high-energy neutrons can slam into the nucleus of other atoms and make them radioactive for a short while. Fortunately, this type of radioactivity is extremely brief and only poses a risk near the epicenter of the blast. The second way residual radiation happens is through fallout. Fallout When a nuclear bomb explodes, a fireball is created which contains most of the radioactive fission products and unreacted nuclear fuel.

This fireball is what forms the head radloactive the iconic mushroom cloud. Where this fireball forms is the determining factor for fallout risk. Radioactive Soil Sample A bomb which datihg near or on the ground has a greater chance of producing radioactive fallout than one which is detonated high in the air. If a bomb was detonated in the air, like the two which were detonated in Japan, the hot, radioactive ball of fire travels up high into the stratosphere. It does this quickly, usually within minutes. The cloud then cools down and begins to look like a regular albeit irregular shaped cloud.

Prevailing winds will blow this cloud over a huge area. By this time, the radioactive particles have been datint and diluted sitd a thousands of square miles with the most dangerous radioactive elements already rendered inert by decay. Because the bomb exploded in a valley, much of the city was protected from the blast. Nonetheless, it is estimated that between 45, and 70, died immediately, and another 75, were injured. No data on subsequent cancer deaths attributable to radiation exposure from the bomb is readily available.

Dating site still radioactive Hiroshima bomb

Advertisement The design of the reactors at Chernobyl was significantly flawed. Second, rather than having a top-notch containment structure consisting of datlng steel liner plate and post-tensioning and conventional rxdioactive reinforced concrete, at Chernobyl they only used heavy concrete. Bo,b August 26,engineers wanted to run a test of how long electrical turbines powered by the reactor would continue operating when the reactor was no longer producing power. This included turning off most automatic safety controls and removing ever more control rods which absorb neutrons and limit the reaction. As they ran the experiment, less cooling water entered the reactor, and what was there began to turn to steam.

As less coolant was available, the reaction increased to dangerous levels. To counteract this, the operators tried to reinsert the remaining control rods.

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Sadly, the rods also had a design flaw, graphite tips remember, graphite encourages the nuclear reaction. When the nearly graphite tips were inserted into the fuel, reactivity increased and the whole thing blew up. The half-life of U is million years, while that of Pu is 24, years. In other words, once on the ground, they will be there for a very long time. I thus again visited both peace parks to get to the bottom of all this. I asked for and received several pages from the Hiroshima Peace Museum regarding this issue. To quote: It is not enough to affect human health. I guess. From all reports, the plume dissipated over land and sea.

Same for Nagasaki and the 12 pounds of Pu particles. There was a slight increase of leukemia in the Nagasaki region, but no additional incidence of cancers anywhere in and around Hiroshima. Thus, contrary to any kind of logical sense, while the high altitude feet for Hiroshima and feet for Nagasaki of the nuclear explosions immediately killedpeople, these cities soon became safe, and are thriving today. I'm, actually, still wondering why. But with respect to the relative long-term danger of nuclear power plants versus ATOMIC BOMBS, another article mentioned that there is a lot more fissionable material in the former compared to the latter. Chernobyl released times more radiation than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs, combined.

As far away as Scotland, the radiation rose to 10, times the norm. Frighteningly, the Fukushima reactors are said to be more dangerous than Chernobyl Uranium for two reasons: A particularly inflammatory issue about this subject is the specter of plutonium, which is a byproduct of U nuclear reactors. For one, you can make more bombs, and the Cold War is why the USA chose uranium over thorium in the 50s. However, it is reported that you can actually hold plutonium and your skin will protect you from the radiation.

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