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University Dating at belmont

However, and i speak from experience my own personal. The Datimg used a weapon; iv. The community is at an increased risk of future acts occurring due to the unique circumstances of the incident e. This is particularly true for remedial actions aimed at the Respondent. A complainant may reopen a report in which a request for privacy has been granted. This responsibility includes, but is not belont to, decisions related to routing reports of alleged sexual misconduct to Deputy Title IX Coordinators, granting Requests for Privacy, assigning Investigator spursuing Alterative Administrative Resolution, and determining responsibility.

In consultation with other appropriate campus leaders, the coordinator also assigns sanctions and remedies. An advisor is solely for support and may not speak, present information for consideration, or unjversity directly influence bflmont process. The University cannot guarantee equal advisory rights, meaning that if one party selects an attorney as their advisor, the st in not obligated to provide an attorney to any other party. Initial Review i. Students In matters involving allegations of sexual misconduct by a Belmont student, Daying Belmont employee if reported by a student or a non-Belmont affiliate, the Deputy Title IX Coordinator will review the initial report and determine if the initial reported behavior falls under the purview of the Sexual Misconduct Policy and if there is reasonable cause to continue.

The Deputy Title IX Coordinator shall request a written statement from the Complainant that includes information related to the circumstances giving rise to the report. At Will Employees and Faculty In matters involving allegations of sexual misconduct by a Belmont employee reported by another employee, the Title IX Coordinator will review the initial report and determine if the initial reported behavior falls under the purview of the Sexual Misconduct Policy and if there is reasonable cause to continue. If reasonable cause to continue exists, the matter will be referred to the Department of Human Resources for further investigation and adjudication.

Interim Measures Belmont University will take appropriate measures to protect the Complainant, on an interim and permanent basis, to ensure equal access to its education programs and activities, as well as, to employment. In all cases, remedies—both interim and permanent--can include, but are not limited to, the following: For example, a letter informing a person, organization, team, etc. Alternative Administrative Resolution Process i. At any time following the initial review and prior to a determination of responsibility, at the request of the parties, at the recommendation of the Deputy Title IX Coordinator or at the discretion of the Title IX Coordinator, the matter may proceed through the Alternative Administrative Resolution Process.

Additionally, the Respondent will receive a copy of the written statement submitted by the Complainant. An email to a Belmont-provided email address or any attempt to contact non-Belmont individuals is considered notice. All parties may choose to meet with the Title IX Coordinator to discuss the process. This meeting shall be limited to procedural information only. The Title IX Coordinator will not discuss the merits of the allegations with either party. An Alternative Administrative Resolution Determination is final. Accordingly, individuals are advised to give thoughtful consideration on what they desire the university to do in response to an alleged violation of the Sexual Misconduct Policy before requesting Alternative Administrative Resolution.

In determining whether to grant Alternative Administrative Resolution, the Title IX Coordinator will consider factors such as, but not limited to, the wishes of both the Complainant and Respondent, substantial risk to the safety or orderly operation of the community, and timing in the process.

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