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A local’s guide to Havana, Cuba: 10 top tips

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Tag Archives: How the hell, after 16 years here can I still be confused? If you know something about Cuba, you probably understand. It turned out to be a bureaucratic mix-up I have no right to vote but it stopped me short. Electoral college? Veneer of democracy? Day Date Ideas The romantic and historic streets here will make this pretty easy. Just walk around Old Town and along the Malecon holding hands while having a nice conversation. Stop off in Central Park or the Plaza de Armas. For some more sophistication on your date during the day try these landmarks and museums: For mobile data look for an Etecsa shop and be prepared to wait in a long line.

Prices are pretty expensive, over a dollar a minute. Speaking of prices you will change your Expas Dollars to the CUC and it trades at a 1 to 1 rate though expect to lose about 10 percent. By design the art has political undertones. You will tell your friends to hold on to the tickets they were given when they entered. When you leave, your bill is totaled.

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You will mongwring explain jn your friends that if they lose their tickets, they cannot leave without paying a substantial fee. Street Art You will want to check out the street art that is everywhere in Mongeribg, but there is no guide book to show you where to see inventive, colorful graffiti, murals and caricatures. Some are crudely drawn on stucco walls. Many are the work of mongefing artists who make the city their gallery. Your feet will be your guide as you wander the main boulevards havaba off-the-beaten-path streets. Much of what I saw might be gone before you visit Havana. Fof objects--bathtubs, tires, pots, pans, stones, bathroom sinks and wrought iron fences--are incorporated into wildly painted collages, sculptures and the walls of buildings.

Children have art classes under the shaded patio and musicians gather to play and ask for donations. A paladar serves food and drinks. Artists sell their paintings in small galleries, some reached by descending twisting staircases into basement showrooms. Paladares You have probably heard about paladares, the small dining establishments set up by families in their homes. When they first appeared, the Cuban government variously tolerated and then shuttered them. Now they are heavily promoted as a distinctive feature of Havana culture.

In we ate at La Guarida, a small apartment on the third floor of what had been an elegant mansion with a magnificent, curved staircase. The restaurant was in the front rooms of the apartment where the sofas and coffee table had been replaced by small dining tables and rickety chairs. The food was good but not special. That is still true today. But what is different is La Guarida itself. The restaurant and bar have taken over the entire third floor. The intimate dining rooms are decorated with antiques and beautiful paintings. The food is excellent, as good as any meal you would enjoy in a 5-Star European hotel, with prices to match.

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Today, there are many paladares and many types of paladares. Some, like La Guarida serve European style cuisines in settings that look very much like mongerkng restaurants. Others like Ivan Chef Justo still feel like tjps are eating in a family's home Aj bookcase lined walls, decorated mkngering black and white photographs. Ivan Chef Justo is cluttered in a cozy, fun way and the mongerint is delicious. You will especially enjoy the roast pork and the sauce served with the lobster. Both Ivan and Justo had been Fidel Castro's chefs at moments in their careers. Brightly colored paintings hang on the walls inside and outside a sprawling deck is shaded by tall tropical plants.

Serving a European menu, the food is well-prepared and platted in a way that makes what you are about to eat as fetching as the art on the walls. At the paladar Rio Mar in Miramar, you will sit outside on the covered terrace having an ice cold cocktail and hearing music coming from the Club across the Almendares River. You have heard the Club is a lot of fun but right now you are happy having drinks and enjoying a meal with friends. The waiter will ask if you would like another mojito. You smile to yourself because you didn't realize you had already finished the first one, it was that good.

You politely refuse because right now you are more hungry than thirsty. You and your friends happily share plates of octopus salad, grilled shrimp and clams and a large, charred lobster tail, split on top with the thick meat easily available. La Guarida, Concordia No. El Litoral has an antipasto table with a selection of salads, pizza and seafood and a full menu with upscale presentations of familiar European dishes and some typical Cuban dishes. The French fries are especially good. The restaurant has a large Italian menu with service outside on a patio. On a sunny, cool day, you will definitely want to eat outside.

If you want to try a restaurant where locals go, you will want to visit Kasalta Sports Bar-Restaurant. Hopefully you speak Spanish because none of the waiters speak English. If four of you are eating together, you will ask for one order of the Pollo Kasalta. What will arrive at the table will be two large plates. One plate is topped with four large chicken legs and thigh, the other with a serving of soy sauce flavored fried rice with savory bits of chicken, ham and shrimp. Even if you are no longer hungry, you not be able to resist an order of flan served with paper-thin slices of fresh pineapple.

After a round of espressos, you will be ready to continue with your exploration of Havana. Like many cities, Havana is learning to exploit its rooftops. Dogs and Cats Walk around the city and you will meet the other citizens of Havana. Dogs and cats are everywhere and they all look well-fed. No toilet paper? No problem — we use water like billions of other people around the world or the Communist daily cut into handy-sized squares. A diehard Tampax user before my move, I switched to pads a decade ago and many Cuban women still use swaths of cotton. Baking notwithstanding, oil is a good enough substitute for butter and while there is no substitute for Internet, being disconnected has its advantages — like actually interacting with real human beings.

Do you wither in the heat? We, on the other hand, can complain about it long, hard, and better than you — a right earned through innumerable August blackouts with no fan, AC, or ice water. How is your tolerance for contradictions? But the Cuban flavor of contradiction is particularly special. Married men, for instance, can keep multiple lovers sometimes of both sexes.

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