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A sampling trench for datin studies on Taylor Glacier. Image courtesy Hinrich Schaefer. Krypton is produced by cosmic rays bombarding the Earth and then stored in air bubbles trapped within Antarctic ice. It has a radioactive isotope krypton that decays very slowly, and a stable isotope krypton that does not decay.

Krypton dating Radiometric

Comparing the proportion of stable-to-radioactive isotopes provides the age of the ice. In their experiment at Taylor Glacier in Antarctica, the researchers put several kilogram about pounds chunks of ice into a container and melted it to release the air from the bubbles, which was then stored in flasks. The krypton was isolated from the air at the University of Bern, Switzerland, and sent to Argonne for krypton counting. Now the challenge is to locate some of the oldest ice in Antarctica, which may not be as easy as it sounds.

Dating daitng of radioisotope tracers follow closely their radioactive half-lives. The half-lives of the three noble gas isotopes have different orders of magnitude, allowing them to cover a wide range of ages. Dating ranges of 85Kr, 39Ar, 81Kr and other established radioisotope tracers. Its apparatus consists of lasers and vacuum systems of table-top size.

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At its center is a magneto-optical trap to capture atoms of the desired isotope using eating beams. A sensitive CCD camera detects the laser induced fluorescence datnig by the atoms held in vacuum. This is the key to the superior selectivity of ATTA because it only occurs when the laser frequency precisely matches the resonance frequency of a particular atomic transition. Krypton is a noble gas that doesn't interact with chemicals. It has a half-life period of aroundyears.

The gas is produced by cosmic kryptoj hitting Earth and is trapped in air bubbles in the Antarctic ice. The technique of krypton dating is much like the popular carbon dating method that measures the radioactive decay of a known isotope and compares it with a stable isotope. The versions arise due to difference in the number of neutrons in the atoms. Krypton isotope called krypton decays slowly while krypton 83 doesn't decay. The proportion of both isotopes gives researchers an estimation of the age of the ice.

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