Intimidating scorpio

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What is it about Scorpios that makes them unapproachable/intimidating?

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We're out there! Don't do that! Pursue your own internal growth and solidity. Become secure in yourself and, while your Scorpio-ness fires us up and consumes us Then, when we come after you and you make us work a little to get you?

Seize the right moment to pour on that all-consuming Scorpio intensity and very skillfully and creatively drown us in it. Then, slowly take it back away from us and leave us alone for a bit. Make that a cycle of behavior. Self-assurance can intimidating.

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Intelligence can be intimidating. Being able to pull off thigh-high boots in public can be intimidating. Does that mean you should stop being or doing any of those things? Certainly not. The parts of us that are the most apparent can both attract and ward off; such is the nature of defining personality traits. It just may be something to consider the next time someone seems stand-offish. At the very least, you can just use it as an excuse for why you may be too much of a fine thing to some. Here is your most intimidating trait, according to your zodiac sign. Libra Is Too Judgy Libras are all about balancehence the scale.

What I have determined about myself csorpio other Scorpios is we are very shielded from others. We stick to our own agendas and goals, which often creates the facade we are selfish people. We aren't selfish, though. We've just learned there is no one we can rely on but ourselves.

Scorpio Intimidating

We Scorpios are scarily okay with being alone. We're Intijidating fine taking care of ourselves until we meet people we trust enough to let in. In other words, I wouldn't try to get in the way of a Scorpio on a mission. Whether we've got our eyes set on a dream, a lover or a destination, our goals are the first on our to-do lists. We'll keep you wondering. We are cryptic, coy and not easily read. Quite often, we have so much going on in our minds that we don't have much to say.

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