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Elliott is the daughter to Ronnie Eliott, a U-S marine officer and Patricia Elliott, who worked as a coordinator at a power company. When Elliott was a child, she always wanted to become a performer, but no one paid attention to her. That was the time when Elliott began with music, and that was a way for her to escape her feelings. Inshe caught the attention of Jodeci member and producer, DeVante for whom she sang backstage during the Jodeci concert. Timbaland and Barcliff were christened with a new name, Sista. However, the album was never released.

When she walked into a room full of journalists to play Under Construction, not one of us noticed her entrance.

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She looks like sating high-school student; a Missy Elliott fan, perhaps, or a Missy Elliott assistant, but not Missy Quotrs. She was dressed in ordinary, rather than fashionable, jeans, white sneakers, a baseball cap and a green and white quoges shirt. She wasn't wearing make-up, and her hair - ordinary, unstraightened, unstyled - was shoved up into her cap. The rumours were true; she seemed properly humble. Elliott has often spoken about her troubled childhood, grow-ing up in Plymouth, Virginia. Her father, Ronnie, was an ex-Marine who beat up her mother, Patricia, day in, day out, often while holding a gun at her head.

The family had very little money, and so her mother stayed with Ronnie until Missy was 14, and they made their escape with the help of relatives.

Elliott remembers refusing to sleep over at friends' houses in case something extra-bad happened to her mother while she was away, saving her lunch money to help out with the housekeeping, and - despite scoring as a genius on not one, but two IQ tests - failing all her exams because of general misery she did in the end pull herself together, study, and score straight As. All of which is a far cry from a lavish mansion in Virginia with a driveway, or several, with three Mercedes, a Jaguar, Lexus, Cadillac and Lamborghini pulled up along side one another. Can she believe it, I wonder, that here she is, in the Ritz-Carlton in Puerto Rico, worrying about having jewellery stolen - a million dollars'-worth, no less?

Oh yeah, I love my mother," she says quietly, as much to herself as to me.

Because I remember writing letters to Janet, saying, come get me from school, and now she is sitting quuotes my video shoot, just chilling. It was amazing. And so each day I feel blessed, because it feels like just yesterday I was saying I need to move to New York. Visit Website As Missy entered her teens, Ronnie became even more violent towards Patricia and Missy begged her mom to escape from him and take her, too. This finally happened when Missy was 14, though life continued to be a struggle financially. While she was still at school she formed a girl group, Sista, and after auditioning for the producer DeVante Swing, they were signed to his label, Swing Mob Records — and Missy, who by now had finished her education, moved to New York.

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But her big break turned out to be a false start, as the label folded before Sista's debut album — most of which Missy had written herself — was ever released. The album went platinum and earned Elliott the accolade of rap artist of the year from Rolling Stone. Because God put this role in my lap, I believe that, and I wasn't going to throw a gift like that away. Y'all can hate, y'all can debate, but one thing the critics won't do is win. God bless and please watch my movie. Her legacy lives on: The star, who passed tragically in a plane crash in August at the age of 22, is Billboard's 10th most successful female R'n'B artist of the past 25 years - seen here at the MTV VMAs in A touching tribute: She contributed the song Try Again to the movie's soundtrack, which later earned her a Grammy nomination.

Her third and final album, Aaliyah, meanwhile, was released just prior to her passing, in July In a league of her own: Many people found issue with the way the star was portrayed in the clearly low-budget TV production, from the way her portrayer's hair wasn't styled across her face to her overall demeanour Adding another string to her bow:

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