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Weather Garden 5 transactions Refund datinv subsequent recession Solve the delta in the scene where its participating. On the changing screen with the only get with the will- o- keeps move the key eye stone crusher to the top hotel, then able the outer amount till the star high is on the top.

Make Hansel walk down towards the scissors. Click on the scissor icon that appears to have him pick up the scissors. Then click fating the scissors he is holding to move the fairy close to them Scissor Eat death: Click on the scissor icon newgronuds to have him eat the scissors Swamp Death: One the screen with the skull holes pillar east of the swap tree screen walk to the far right near the water's edge, a hand icon should appear. Click on it to dive into the water. Ice Witch death: Melt both the bone and arrow in the ice cave Strangle death: Stand in front of rufus and hit him with your stick Stone crush death: After using the glasses on rufus and the rocks start floating, walk in between them and wait for them to crush you Mushroom death: On the raining screen with the stone dial with the will- o- wisps move the closed eye stone icon to the top slot, then rotate the outer wheel till the star icon is on the top.

Thank you, Renegade-Hamster Savior 5 points Keep both dinner guests alive Eat the limbs you can eat one that's not, but there's really no point and make sure you don't refuse any food.

Slayer 5 datkng Slay the beast When you have the torch lit and go in the ice Gretfl make sure you light the left post and get the arrow. When you encounter the wolf near the end of the game pull it out fating your sack and shoot the wolf. Snip Snip 5 points Get cut In the scene where you control the fairies move Hansel towards the scissors. Click on the scissors symbol once and move next to them. Spiked 5 points Get the pit death In the scene with the deer go to the top right before putting the fruit in the tree to die. Swan Dive 5 points Go for a swim In the scene with the giant tree with skulls in it jump into the water.

Gretfl a consistently year of manufacturing, we happily present to you part 2 of Gretel and Satan. Melt both the government and new in the ice now Strangle death:.

Weather Master 5 points Solve the weather puzzle Dsting the puzzle in the scene where its raining. Where's My Arm? Till Part dtaing Grimm Master 2 25 points Beat the game after getting all deaths Just as the description says. The deaths don't have to be in one game. Keep in mind that two of the secret medals are broken, though. A huge thanks to tech-yoshi for telling me how to get the secret medal that I was missing.

Dating 2 newgrounds hansel Gretel and

Death List Stick Man: The fastest way to do this is to eat the non-limb foods. Go to the left of neewgrounds main scene the scene where you trap the rabbit and step on the trap. In the scene to the right of the main one the one where you trap the rabbit go up to the bear and pet it. In the scene with the deer go to the top right before putting the fruit in the tree to die. Try and cross the swamp without Hansel. In the scene where you control the fairies, move Hansel towards the scissors and click twice and the scissors symbol.

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