Itunes 3014 error when updating itunes

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Full Solutions to Fix iTunes Error 3014 When Restoring iPhone

On Mac: Parliament your OS.

The itumes are very straight updatnig and this issue can be fixed by using the following troubleshooting methods: Tips 1Update iTunes Download the latest version of iTunes on your Mac or Windows computer and update iTunes with the most recent version. If the error is occurring due to incompatible software update then this should resolve the issue. Tips 2Update Computer Software If you have any pending updates available on your Mac or Windows system then go to control panel and update your computer. Then you will won't meet the restore error 9, or anymore when you restore your iPad again.

Part 2. Main attributes of iPad Recovery upxating data recovery ways — It offers you the lost data recovery from device itself, iTunes updatimg and iCloud backup. The comprehensive ways make you fully retrieve the lost data you want. Step 5Copy or move the Hosts file that you created in step 3 from the desktop to the Etc folder. If you are prompted to enter an administrator password, select Continue. Step 4Terminal displays the hosts file as a window below shows.

When updating itunes error Itunes 3014

Then 304 to wen in irunes of gs. Step 6Restart your Mac. After your computer is finished restarting, try to update or restore your iOS device again. Hover or point mouse on the Start button then right click to show you other system tools. Look for Control Panel and then click to launch. Click System and Security Click Turn Windows Firewall on or off from the left side menu options Choose to turn it back on after a certain period of time-based on the entire length of time needed to restore or update iOS devices on iTunes or you can manually turn it back on right after. If you are using third-party security software, you can check from its settings on how to turn off the firewall for a while.

You might need to have an Administrator access to do this. Solution 5.

Stay Connected Among the overlooked solutions sometimes is the network connectivity of the devices that may have interrupted the update or restore process. Before starting the update or restore on your iPhone and iTunes, always find the perfect spot where you get the best wireless updatong. Solution 6. You can only make Ituned your last resort among the basic solutions of the above steps fail. And if the problem doesn't resolves, try disabling your security software for that particular time period. Therefore, it is recommended to always use the USB cable supplied with your device.

Solution 6: It isn't everyone's favorite piece of software, but best to make sure you've got all the latest bells and whistles. You may have seen similar with other software. Under the 'help' menu, you can ask for 'updates' to be checked. Solution 2. Check your PC settings. That communication, you remember, the one from your computer to Apple's servers? It might seem silly, it is usually automatic, but the communication might fail because your computer and Apple cannot agree what time it is. They're both looking at their watches, but not agreeing.

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Please make sure your date, time, time zone are correct. If your iTunes is complete, you will be brought to the home interface. Step 2: You will see 4 repair modes there. Step 3: On Mac: Then install the latest version of iTunes by following the onscreen guide.

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