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You Got The Guy — Yay! Now Do These 9 Things To Keep Him Interested

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From this, the questions usually arises about how they can keep their man interested in them and hanging around for the long-term, instead of eventually pulling away from the relationship. The reality of the situation is a lot more complex, and that certainly holds true when you start looking at your longer-term dating prospects. Here are some tips to make it easier.

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Perhaps he was more on the polite end because of the relationship we both have with our mutual friend. I will give him a few more days and then make a move if he has not. Have a great day! July 19, at 1: He lives in a different country. He is a wealthy guy. So he started texting me once a week only a short text nothing deep I guess just to keep intouch he was promising to travel with me to spend a few days together.

When he came in town we met spend a night together no sex and he was saying he had feelings for me and was thinking of potentialy getting into a relationship have babies and get married. I told him I had another guy that wanted a relationship with me and I might consider it. But I also told him I liked him. A few weeks passed by and we kept intouch and he was planing to see me again when he came in town. If he really likes you, it will happen. Have fun! This picks up from the previous point. We stress ourselves out way too much when it comes to relationships.

So youthful yourself. Belly sure you enable objective and forget on the former side of that sage. July 15, at 9:.

Well, this attitude is what very well might cause that daating happen. Just relax and have fun! Try not to bring all your insecurities and childhood traumas and past heartbreak into the mix. Try as best you can to just start fresh and get to know this person, and enjoy him.

This is what makes you stand out from the rest. This is what makes you confident and sexy and alluring. The root is the lack of confidence itself. There is no magic bullet for developing self-confidence, it takes time and work be sure to read this article for more on that: Take a bubble bath, put on some music and make getting ready a pre-date with yourself. This way you will be feeling energized, beautiful and feminine when he picks you up. Keep your friends in the loop. Don't forget your friends. When love or lust is in the air, sometimes you forget about the ones who've always had your back. Don't diss your best friend and her annual candle party on Saturday night.

Every day doesn't have to be spent with your new boyfriend. You can go out with him on Friday and your girlfriend's party the next night. Men always like it when a woman's world doesn't revolve around his — there's less pressure! Besides, he's got to have a night to watch football with his friends. So you might as well have fun, too. And so you type, "Hey [Insert name of hopefully non-psycho guy here]. OK, not really, but there is something to be said for coming up with more than "Hey [Insert name of hopefully non-psycho guy here]" for the first moment of contact. In fact, there are a number of things you can do that will help pique a guy's interest in the bustling online dating world.

Turns out we're as much fans of humor and personality as you are. Now I understand that women do get something like times the number matches on dating apps that guys do that number may be slightly inflatedand that it is often necessary to be quick and curt in order to wade through it all. And I also understand that online dating is more of a numbers game than a meet cute from some Nicholas Sparks movie. At that point, the entire dynamic of the relationship changes. Instead, her words and actions are dictated by fear of loss rather than by what feels natural.

Unfortunately, those things always have the opposite intended effect, pushing him away instead of pulling him closer. See what I mean by death spiral? The simple, easy way to avoid that is to give him space when he needs it. That means being ok with him seeming distant for a few days. After all, guys grow distant for a million reasons. By letting him have the space he needs, you let him work through whatever he has to work through, and come back to you refreshed and delighted to be there.

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