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My wife and I are both career oriented people. In order to ffuck the peace, I started cleaning on neanya. Wife has been busy the past few weeks with work, netany has helped as much as she can. And then today happened. It is as if wife Wojen trying to undo all the cleaning I had done today. I washed all the bedding in the master suite grandparents be sleeping there due to mobility limitations and not being able nstanya get upstairs easily. Unfortunately, we're down to one set of sheets for the bed so I just washed them and thew them back on.

Of course DW feels its necessary to sleep there tonight I was planning on just staying in the guest room for the night and decides it is okay to let all the pets in bed with her so its a hairy fucking mess and I have to rewash everything. So I ask her to put the laundry away just one load. Of course, she can't do that and she doesn't want to get out of bed for me to wash it either. I blow up and essentially tell her I am doing this because the last think we need is for my crazy ass family to think we live in a messy house.

I don't really care what they think, but I want to keep the peace. Of course, wife takes that as meaning I think she's a horrible wife and storms out the door. Total overreaction, especially considering she knows how crazy and catty the women of my family are.

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